Tapioca sawblades

The Tapioca sawblades of our production are used and known world wide, because of efficiency and quality.
For this reason we are the first outfitter for the rasper manufactures Hovex, Nivoba, Larson etc.

The experiences of our customer prove:

  1. The life time of our sawblades is substantially longer.
  2. Higher efficiency for high starch yields

Through high-tech production process we are in a position to respond to nearly all demands in measurement
and quantities.

More about the Tapioca sawblade quality

WidthThicknessTeeth per inch
20 mm1 mm17 tpi
20 mm1 mm21 tpi
20 mm1,2 mm17 tpi
21 mm1,25 mm17 tpi
25 mm1 mm17 tpi
25 mm1 mm21 tpi

This table shows our standard measurements.
We offer other measurements on demand.

We can produce all lengths and holes on demand.

Drawing sawblade with holes
Drawing of a sawblade with holes
Drawing sawblade without holes
Drawing of a sawblade without holes