The history of our company

In 1845, Franz Arnold Schmidt founded the company F.A. Schmidt in rural part of Remscheid called Morsbach, to manufacture tools, saws and knives made from steel. His son Carl Schmidt took over the prospering company, to be succeeded by his son Gustav Schmidt, who built the still existing factory building in 1908. His son Franz Arnold Schmidt II. Lead the company until 1966 and handed it over to his son Peter Schmidt, who managed to company in the 5th generation.

Sadly, Peter Schmidt passed away in 2019 at 76 years of age. For more than 50 years, he lead the company F.A. SCHMIDT very successfully. His son-in-law, Markus Feldhoff, who entered management in 2000, carries forward the ethos of five generations of the Schmidt family.

F.A. SCHMIDT is a very export-oriented business and cooperates in close relations with leading machine factories in Europe, South Amerika and Asia. With the registered trademark Anchor-Heart, the company made a name for itself worldwide, standing for premium quality.

To meet the rising requirements, a new building for storage and production with around 400 square meters was built in 2017. New machines, for example for sharpening circular knives, were also installed.

Sustainability is very important for F.A. SCHMIDT. A photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the new building, there is a water treatment facility, all lamps have been upgraded to LED and 99% of our packaging material is recyclable.