Anchor-Heart quality

Why you should use Anchor-Heart rasperblades “Made in Germany”?

Our 50 years of experience as a partner of the starch industry guaranties competence and highest quality.
Best possible live time, combined with a optimum rate of yield guaranties a unbeatable price-performance

Steel – Hardening – Teeth – Tolerances – Result

We are using a special spring band steel, which is rolled as per our special guidelines.

By repeating the rolling process several times, we reach a thickness tolerance of approx. 0,015mm. By that way it is guaranteed, that our rasperblades are optimal straight in the drum and are absolutely well fixed. They do not get lose which would damage the perforated sheet.

By using a special hardening process we are sealing the surface of the rasperblades and so we grant the most possible protection against rust. After later heat treatment we reach robustness of the teeth and a regular hardness, to avoid breakage at the best possible rate.

No problem if 11, 15, 17 or 22 teeth per inch, we follow the demand of our customers. Our own tool design and construction allows very big flexibility.

Many years of processing in close cooperation with our customers, we found the optimal form of the teeth, to have a maximum rate of yield by low consumption of energy.