Tapioca Sawblade quality

Our experience as traditional partner of the starch industry for more than 50 years guarantees highest quality and competence. Best possible lifetime, accompanied by optimum of gain of starch, which ends in an unbeatable price/output relation.

Rolled Steel

We use special steel rolled to our own specifications. As the material is rolled several times, we end up with a tolerance of the thickness of approx. 0,015mm. Our saw blades are straight and can be fixed absolutely perfect in the cylinder to make sure that they can not move during rotation in order to avoid damage of the sieve-sheet.


11, 15, 17, 19, or 22 teeth per inch, we produce at our customers´ requests. The tooling is done by our specialists in our factory, which gives us maximum flexibility.

Hardening Process

Due to a special hardening process, we protect the surface of the saw blade and we achieve the best possible protection against rust. By a special heat-treatment we attain tenacity of the teeth and a symmetrical hardness, to avoid the danger of rupture caused by contaminants such as sand and stones entering into the process of rasping.

Quality and Results

A permanent quality control process, effected with precision instruments and visual inspection, guarantees for our customers that even if the saw blades are stocked for the next season, that they can be sure of a consistent level of quality.

By close cooperation with our customers and the continuous development, we are sure that we found the optimal form of the teeth. No matter if pointed or slightly flat or ball-shaped, the angle and the depth of the teeth must be coordinated to have a maximum of output with a minimum of energy cost.

By the right use of anchor heart sawblades-a 3 – 5 % higher output of starch is possible.